The first flight

I left for Vegas today at about 6:15 PM, give of take a couple of minutes.

I manged to get the window seat, though I only had to fight my little sister for it.
It’s raining really hard on the east coast because of a hurricane.  So our original flight got delayed, but it worked out when we got an earlier flight to New York.
Taking off
Taking off seems like such an unreal experience.  All of a sudden there’s a burst of speed, enough to knock you back against your seat you’re not careful. Then you are tilted, just barely enough to notice, and you can feel the sudden pressure from the change in elavation in your ears.  It’s almost, but not quite, painful.  We immediately rose into at thick medium grey mist that surrounded the plane completely.  Slowly, as we emerged above the fog, the view changed, and it was amazing.  It felt like we couldn’t have gone far in that short of a time, but in reality we were extreme far off the ground!
Eventually we flew into another cloud, this one was almost white with just a touch of grey.  It seemed like there was no longer anything in the world except the plane and the people on it.
The first flight 
After the awe-inspiring take off we flew in the white nothingness for a while, so I decided to see what was on the TV (I ended up settling on the Dark Knight, Batman is cool).
The next time I looked out of the window, we were in between cloud layers.  It was amazing, like sailing on an ocean of clouds with the sky of clouds above us.
Funnily enough after writing that I looked out the window and we were actually flying over the ocean! Still between cloud layers with the ocean just visible between the thin clouds we flew for a bit longer. I saw a large boat on the ocean just sitting there alone in the middle of the ocean below us.
I have flown comercially before, but not since I was about 5 or so.
I have flown in smaller planes more recently, but still not for probably 5 years. 
So my first take off in years was pretty amazing, though the shakiness made me nervous.
I got to see New York City from the air, which was awesome.  I’ve been to the City before, and I adore it.
By then the sun was peaking through the clouds.
Landing was no where near as much fun as taking off.  My ears hurt, a lot.  It wasn’t as smooth as the take off either.  The rest of the ride was worth it though.

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