Hope for humanity?

  I just finished a movie called 13 Sins.
  It makes you wonder, “what would I do for money.”
*Spoiler alert*
  In the movie the main character is given 13 tasks for a grand total of over six million dollars.  He doesn’t know what the next task is until he completes the one before it.  At first they’re simple “kill the fly”, but by the end they’re much, much more difficult “kill a family member”.  The “game”, as it’s called, is to prove that anyone can be corrupted when enough money is involved.
  The outcome is different.  The main character changes his mind after challenge 10 or 11, but he’s already in too deep.  He’s gotten a few million already, but if he backs out it all gets taken away, which is why he took it as far as he did.  He was getting married, had a baby on the way, a mentally ill brother to take care of, and had just lost his job.  When they started asking for murder he couldn’t do it.

  How many people would go for it?  How many would complete the 13th challenge?  Maybe they’d justify it in their own minds somehow, after all, some police officers are in on it, they erase everything if you win.  All you have to deal with afterwards is a guilty conscience, that’s if the experiment fails.  Since the goal is to transform you into a terrible monster of a person you shouldn’t even feel guilty afterwards.
  Personally, I wouldn’t have been able to do the second challenge “eat the fly you just killed”, even for $3,000, so I wouldn’t even have to get to the worse ones.

Update on my bike riding.  I did over 6 miles today in just under 40 minutes.  Bam.  That’s with hills and everything, I’m considering going along the flat trail that I plan to bike next summer and just going for 30-45 minutes one way, and then back.  We’ll see.

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last few days, I’m occasionally a busy person.

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